Professional Services

HELUX offers a variety of professional services to support you along your Digital Transformation Journey. 

Organizations That Love Our Professional Services

Professional Services

Your Trusted Content Services Experts.

HELUX provides a unique combination of leading-edge products, deep technical underpinnings and a commitment to quality that ensures that each and every one of our clients achieves measurable success with their knowledge management project.

How Can HELUX Help You?

Business & Technical Requirements Analysis

Meeting with end users and business content owners to understand business processes and key factors for end user adoption.

Information Architecture Development

Understanding the end user and organizational needs for findability, usability, and security.

Classification of Information

Using AI & ML techniques to identify document types, business functions, and metadata to route it directly to SharePoint.



Help identify ROT documents and auto-classify your content in order to migrate from ​on-premise home directories to the cloud.


Implementing a rigorous and sustainable active content governance model in order to meet your regulatory and compliance requirements for legal risk and FOI requests.

Records Management Planning

Develop a file plan, taxonomy, classification of info, and meet your retention and disposition policies. 


Business Process Improvement

Using our THEMIS engine’s predictive and Artificial Intelligence engine, we streamline business processes and help organizations re-think their content strategies.

Analytics & Reporting

Improve and maintain overall business practices with the support of HELUX through our rich analytics and reporting capabilities.

Microsoft M365 Integration

Use HELUX resources to unlock your organization’s true potential with Microsoft SharePoint, Teams, and Project Cortex.

Professional Training

Educate and train your knowledge workers with the help of HELUX.

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