Building and deploying a proper information architecture and records management program is now simple and accessible to all Microsoft customers directly from the Azure Marketplace.

Canada (PRUnderground) December 17th, 2018

HELUX is pleased to announce that THEMIS, their groundbreaking information management suite that offers innovative products for information architecture and records management, is now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The Azure Marketplace is an online market for buying and selling cloud solutions certified to run on Azure.

John Brown, CEO of HELUX, said that making the suite available in the Azure Marketplace will ensure its products are accessible to all organizations, regardless of their industry.

“At HELUX, we believe that building a proper information architecture and records management program should be made simple for every organization,” Brown said. “THEMIS is the first suite of its kind to give them the right tools for what was once a complicated, time-consuming and expensive job.”

THEMIS can be used on-premise and in the Azure cloud and consists of two products: THEMIS IA and THEMIS RM.

  • THEMIS IA streamlines the process of designing and building an information architecture. Users can create custom sites, libraries, lists, taxonomy, content types and permissions and instantly deploy to SharePoint without having to code or hire developers. THEMIS IA’s features ensure a return on investment of over 70 per cent over traditional approaches. 
  • THEMIS RM manages records from SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, Dynamics, Outlook, O365 and file shares in a single platform. Users can create structures and policies that match their information architecture and automate file classification using machine learning and artificial intelligence. THEMIS RM’s features ensure employees meet organizational expectations in terms of archiving and disposing records.  

Cham Tanh, CTO at HELUX, shared that THEMIS has helped Microsoft customers design, build and deploy SharePoint sites in less than half the time when compared to traditional approaches.

“For example, one customer requested SharePoint sites for 50 business units,” Tanh said. “The traditional approach would involve a large team of information architects, designers, project managers, developers, and testers and would take four years to deploy. Using THEMIS, all they need is a small team of an information architect, a project manager and a business analyst​ and can easily deploy in a fraction of that time.”

HELUX is now offering free SharePoint, Office 365 and Cloud technology assessments to all Microsoft customers. To book an assessment, Microsoft customers must contact


As a Microsoft Preferred Partner, HELUX specializes in information architecture and design, regulatory compliance, taxonomy development, governance, search optimization, and records management. Our goal is to always provide the perfect balance between the ease of use that users expect with the compliance and governance that an organization needs.