Organizations Are Demanding Access to Content Buried in Information Landfills

In AIIM’s latest e-book Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions, organizations are being pushed to evolve from a transactional-oriented business model to an information-rich customer experience.  


Alan Weintraub, an analyst who participated in the webinar, says it’s leading to more people questioning why it’s more difficult to do business with companies different from Amazon.   


“You’ve probably all heard somebody say, ‘Why isn’t it easy to do business with ‘x’ as it is with Amazon?” What’s clear is that customer experience has taken centre stage.” 


Superior customer experience have permeated across all industries  


Weintraub says this “disruption” and “subsequent customer expectations” have permeated across all industries.


 According to Walker, a customer intelligence consulting firm, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by 2020.  



Major impact on the information management industry  

 So, what does this mean for the information management industry?



 Weintraub says organizations will expect enterprise content management (ECM) providers to offer them products that are easy-to-use and deliver relevant information quickly. 



 “That information must be delivered in a highly personalized manner — connected across all devices — with a holistic 360 view of the customer,” Weintraub says.



Artificial Intelligence becoming a critical component for ECM  

 Cham Tanh, CTO of HELUX, stressed this is the reason why artificial intelligence (AI) has become a critical component of ECM.  


 “More often than not, ECM providers will highlight how intuitive their interface is,” Tanh says. “You can have the most intuitive interface in the world. But at the end of the day, having a knowledgeable guide such as a chatbot — that can anticipate your needs — will be a game changer for superior customer service. This is where AI comes in.”


 Tanh added this notion is the driving force behind HELUX’s  THEMIS Suite — which offers products for information architecture and content services needs.  


 “Our version of a knowledgeable guide is a chatbot that can answer user questions and offer recommendations — 24/7,” Tanh says. “For example, if they need help with creating an information architecture, the chatbot will ask the user about the company’s industry, departments and number of employees and build it for them.”


 Tanh went on to say that through these user scenarios, the chatbot will learn more about the user and its company — surpassing the expectations that Weintraub noted.  


 “With AI, superior customer experience can be done effortlessly and help organizations thrive in today’s digital economy,” Tanh says.