How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Changing Intelligent Information Management for the Better

Organizations are waking up to the fact that information is coming into their organization more quickly than it can be intelligently managed.


John Brown, CEO of HELUX, says one solution is to modernize information management strategies — which means levering artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).


“AI is no longer a luxury, “ John says. “You have to embrace it. Much like the Internet, everyone will need it.”


According to AIIM, 92% of organizations agree that they must modernize their information management strategy.

John says artificial intelligence can save your organization an enormous amount of time and effort by understanding the growing types of information coming in.


To use a simple example, if you were typing in a couple of letters in search, AI can learn from your prior interactions what you’re about to type. It may also learn the exact file that you’ll need — such as a pdf over a Word document. That’s because other people in your organization may have searched for that word and clicked on a pdf.


“In this example, AI is eliminating the need to scan search results. It’s not just learning from you, but from the collective. In other words, it evolves over time.”


When leveraging AI, organizations should remember that AI is not magic and that they should look into their business and technical considerations.


“At HELUX, we’ve built a product line called THEMIS IIM Suite that contains two products, “ John says. 


THEMIS IA modernizes how you create and design your information architecture – replacing Excel, Word and all those difficult and hard to understand programs. THEMIS IA empowers the content owner and information architect and also allows the owner to publish directly to the ECM site without complex programming. THEMIS RM is a records management platform that gives your organization all the tools you’d expect – file plans, retention and disposition, reporting, etc – while raising the industry bar by providing the ability to consolidate and manage content across multiple sources such as file shares, Exchange, Dynamics, Salesforce and SAP. The THEMIS IIM Suite is powered by artificial intelligence and includes a chatbot that acts as a 24/7 guide.”


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